Body Essence Personal Training specializes in providing health & fitness services. We incorporate a team of health-care practitioners including medical and naturopathic doctors; chiropractors; physiotherapists and other sports medicine specialists; nutritionists; registered massage therapists; kinesiologists; a yoga instructor; a strength & conditioning coach, and several personal trainers.

Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we provide both private studio and in-home personal fitness training, a nutritional consultation and diet analysis, a fitness and functional assessment, injury rehabilitation, training programs, email and phone consultations, and more.

A Body Essence Personal Training fitness instructor will get you in prime shape quickly. Stop wasting your time and your money. Start getting results! Whether your goal is to lose weight and inches, or to gain muscle and strength ... we guarantee success! Let us show you the correct way to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve performance.

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The Drug Of Choice
The Drug Of Choice – A 2012 Update
An uncensored look at modern medicine, nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle practices.
By John Paul Catanzaro

With all the technology available today, why do we have the greatest rate of obesity and disease than ever in history? We have to stop kidding ourselves that the problem is overstated and will go away in time. It won't, but the good news is that obesity, like any other disease, is reversible. If you want to make a difference, you must be proactive and take charge of your existence. 

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