Fitness Assessment

Body Essence Personal Training utilizes aspects of the Canadian Physical, Fitness and Lifestyle Appraisal (CPAFLA) and the former Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness (CSTF) which includes:

  • pre-test screening & Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (par-Q)
  • physical activity analysis & FANTASTIC Lifestyle checklist
  • resting heart rate & blood pressure measurements
  • anthropometric & body composition (weight, height, girth, and skinfold) measurements
  • 11-site skinfold measurements for more accurate tracking of body composition changes
  • aerobic & musculoskeletal fitness tests

Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP):

  • responsible for a wide array of appraisal protocols (dependent upon your needs and goals)
  • body composition
  • aerobic power
  • heart rate, blood pressure, and ECG
  • strength and muscular endurance
  • flexibility (joint range of motion - ROM)
  • anaerobic power
  • pulmonary function

Certified Kinesiologist (CK):

  • capable of performing functional (joint ROM & muscle strength) assessments
  • postural evaluations and detection of muscular imbalances