Catanzaro Supplements
We are excited to announce our new line of supplements. After many years of research and planning, Catanzaro Supplements is borne. We hooked up with one of Canada’s leading compounders out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Following extensive GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines to compound the highest quality of ingredients, every ingredient undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process in a tightly controlled environment based on a carefully developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The result: the highest quality of raw materials with the highest standards of quality control!

Catanzaro Supplements is rapidly expanding. We stay true to our motto of providing high quality supplements in a convenient form at an affordable rate. Taking several different single supplements to accomplish the same goal is expensive and highly inconvenient. We believe in blends, or combinations of nutraceuticals that offer a synergistic effect. This approach reduces the expense and is far more convenient. As a result, you have a highly potent supplement at a fraction of the cost!