Fat Loss Revealed

Fat Loss Revealed'Fat Loss Revealed' (FLR for short) started out many years back as an e-book that gave independent reviews on the most popular fat loss supplements on the market and was originally called 'Diet Supplements Revealed'.

Five years later and with 240 additional pages, FLR is now an extensive fat loss manual totaling 334 pages crammed with everything you need to know to get in shape along with a considerable on-line members area and private forums section that you can receive access to free of charge.

The FLR e-book itself is now over 334 pages long and contains detailed information on:

  • Diet & Nutrition - Including advanced dieting techniques such as carb loading, calorie cycling, refeeds and so forth along with a detailed chapter on fat loss nutrition.
  • Training - Both cardiovascular and resistance work are included in detail with photographs, and workouts for men and women of all ages and experience.
  • Fat Loss Supplement Reviews - Over 40 fully referenced and most importantly independent fat loss supplement reviews. From Acetyl-L-Carnitine to Yohimbine and everything else in between.
  • Motivation and Goals - Knowing how to achieve fat loss is no good without the relevant motivation. The motivation section explains how to keep on track, techniques to use to ensure you stick to the FLR diet and achieve the results you desire.

This e-book is hugely popular and has sold tens of thousands of copies in over 126 countries worldwide. Click this link to learn more.