Nutritional Guidance

Body Essence Personal Training nutrition counselling services are an important element of your overall fitness plan. To maximize the benefits of this service we go beyond discussing generic nutrition principles. With the use of dietary logs to analyze your current eating patterns, we can provide you with specific recommendations based on your nutritional requirements.

We will discuss various aspects of diet and nutrition such as:

  • ideal meal frequency
  • proper ratio of macronutrients
  • gender, goal and differences in body type (samototype differences)
  • calories required to lose, maintain, or gain weight
  • why protein is crucial towards building muscle and losing fat
  • how certain fats are essential for optimum health and body fat reduction
  • the importance of the glycemic index and insulin index
  • the role of supplementation in your plan
  • and much, much more

The most difficult part of making a new nutrition plan successful is often putting it into daily practice. To assist you, we provide sample diets, recipes, a grocery shopping checklist as well as pointers to help cut your food bill and your food preparation time.