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Climbing Mount Everest – Kerry Leroux has departed for his Everest expedition after raising $45,813.82 for the Jumpstart program, a benefit to help financially disadvantaged children participate in organized sport and recreation. Read Kerry's inspirational story at this link.
We at The Catanzaro Group would like to wish Kerry all the best during his climb.

Preparing for the Mount Everest climbClimbing Mount Everest for the Jumpstart Program

More Articles on Mercola – Two more of our articles have been published on, The 3 Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes in Their Fitness Warm-up and These 5 Things Can Destroy Your Fitness Plans Fast. We would like to welcome all our recent newsletter subscribers. Feel free to visit our archives for past issues.

Warm-Up Popularity Soaring – The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD has experienced a record-breaking month with sales, and testimonials keep pouring in. An often-neglected area in training, a proper warm-up can enhance your workout and ultimately the results you derive from it. After establishing a base pre-training routine as demonstrated in the DVD, you may wish to employ some more advanced applications as outlined in Seven Ways to Train More Effectively.

One Step at a Time – My son decided that it was time to start walking. He conquered crawling and is now on to the next stage. You know the human body is hardwired to be upright. It is the #1 goal for a baby: lift the head, press the body up, squat, and eventually stand. Then technology rears its ugly head! Once children are exposed to television, computers, video games, and texting, that beautiful upright posture quickly deteriorates. Children are far too sedentary today and as a result, the rate of obesity, disease, and orthopaedic issues are rising. It's time to take a stand against this epidemic. We as parents can shape our children's future, and it starts one step at a time! Get those kids moving, and when they slouch, correct them immediately to engrain proper habits.

John taking is first steps

Yours in Health & Fitness,

John Paul Catanzaro

Dr. Craig Liebenson

I just attended a 2-day workshop, Functional Capacity Evaluation and Performance Enhancement, with Dr. Craig Liebenson, the director of L.A. Sports and Spine Center and author of Rehabilitation of the Spine. Below are some notes from the seminar that I think you'll find quite interesting.

  • The majority of treatment today is passive (due to fear of activity) and far too conservative.
  • Treatment should be about patient-centered care not doctor-centered care. The patient should take their "finger out of the flame" not the doctor.
  • The clinician of the past focuses on the site; the clinician of the future focuses on the source. Karel Lewit once said: "He who treats the site of pain is lost."
  • Do not treat pain, rather audit it, then treat dysfunction. The patient should be taught what they can do for themselves.
  • For instance, check your posture while sitting. Turn your head both ways and lift your arms. Then sit forward on your ischial tuberosities (the sitting bones), sit tall, supinate (rotate outwards) your arms, and abduct (spread) your fingers, and then turn your head and lift your arms again. You should feel less tightness and a greater range of motion.
  • Do the same process standing and squatting. If you experienced any form of pain beforehand, check if it still exists with good posture.
  • Microbreaks should be taken every 20 minutes of sitting: simply stand up, take a deep breath, abduct the fingers and reach the arms up toward the sky.

The Step-Up

The step-up is a functional, unilateral, multi-joint movement that has a high carryover to many activities of daily living and sport, but it is often performed incorrectly if at all. Here are three progressions of this exercise that should be in everyone's repertoire.

Dumbbell Side Step-Up. Start with the step beside you and bodyweight only. Over time you can hold on to a pair of dumbbells as your strength and stability improve. A common mistake is to push off with the non-working side either by extending the knee and/or ankle. To correct this "cheat" tendency, keep the knee locked and ankle dorsiflexed (i.e., toes up) — tap the floor with the heel only.

Dumbbell side step-up bottom positionDumbbell side step-up top position

Dumbbell Forward Step-Up. A progression over time to increase range of motion involves placing the step in front of you and raising the height of the step.

Dumbbell forward step-up bottom positionDumbbell forward step-up top position

Barbell Front Step-Up. A variation of the step-up involves the use of a barbell across the shoulders either in front or behind the neck. By raising the center of mass, greater stability is required.

Front barbell step-up bottom positionFront barbell step-up top position

With any step-up version you perform, here's how to determine which side to start with. Place one foot on the step. Now put it down on the floor and place the other foot on the step. Start there. 

The Precision Nutrition System

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"No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."
-- Socrates

"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."
-- Carlos Casteneda

"All parts of the body which have a function, if used in moderation and exercised, become thereby healthy and well-developed and age slowly, but if unused and left idle they become liable to disease, defective and age quickly."
-- Hippocrates

"In general, the harder an exercise is, the better its results will be; don’t look for ways to make exercises easier — look for ways to make them harder."
-- Arthur Jones

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