Bodybuilding Magazines

Q: Which bodybuilding magazine(s) do you recommend?

Testosterone Magazine aka T-Mag T-Nation TMuscleA: The best bodybuilding magazine, as far as I am concerned, is Testosterone. All the top strength coaches have written for T-Mag and it's free to boot! Many of the contributors have excellent information on their websites as well, including,,,,,,, and my personal favorite,! Other good ones on-line include,,,,,, but there are many more.

Every month, I receive issues of Ironman and Muscular Development. Sometimes I pick up Musclemag (which was the first "muscle" "mag" I ever bought - I remember Scott Wilson on the cover) but rarely do I ever get any of the Weider publications or Men's Health for that matter. Body International and Mind & Muscle Power were two great magazines that were short-lived and no longer in print. Go to and for a complete listing of all fitness and bodybuilding magazines available.

However, the best print-version of all time is Muscle Media 2000 hands down! As I mentioned in a previous article, this is when Muscle Media was Y2K compliant - almost as soon as they dropped the 2000 from their name, the magazine went downhill! There was no equal and much of the information still holds today. A little while ago, getting back issues would have been difficult and expensive, but Muscle Media has recently released an encyclopedia on cd-rom which features every word, photo and illustration of the past 10 years. Check it out at