Frequent Urination

Q: Hi John Paul,

About a month ago we spoke on the phone regarding Somalab Serogen. I had mentioned to you that I had read an article about Serogen and its benefits in controlling frequent urination problems by strengthening the prostate. As I suffer from frequent urination, especially at night (3 to 4 times a night), I was immediately interested in giving Serogen a try. I have had a multitude of tests done by my doctor and a urologist, but both insist that there is nothing to indicate a health problem.

In my telephone conversation with you, I had mentioned to you the reason that I wanted to try Serogen, but you had not heard about its use for this reason. You did, however, mention another product that I should try for frequent urination problems ... but I did not have a pen to write it down. I don't remember the product you had suggested.

Needless to say, after a month of trying Serogen, my urination problem has not gotten any better! Could you kindly let me know the name of the product you recommend for my problem, and do you carry it?

Thank you so much for your attention. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to your reply!

Thanks again,
Pete P.

A: P.P. (no pun intended!),

In many cases, the key to managing the prostate is by controlling estrogen levels. Many focus their attention on a hormone called DHT, but what they fail to recognize is that (high) estrogen levels do not allow DHT to be released from the prostate and this can cause problems such as frequent urination. Go after the culprit - don't waste time on DHT instead attack estrogen.

Now, with that said, there are many supplements that modulate estrogen. The one that tends to work well for this purpose is indole-3-carbinole. I would also suggest that you increase your consumption of cruciferous vegetables (i.e those from the cabbage family.)

Look for medical brand supplements when possible (e.g. Metagenics is an excellent brand to look for.) Give I3C a fair chance (at least 6-8 weeks) and if it does not work, keep experimenting with different estrogen-modulating supplements (even combinations) until you find one that works.

One more thing, fat stores estrogen and estrogen causes fat storage - it's a viscous cycle. It would be wise to lower your body fat levels as well and get as lean as possible or you may be fighting your own physiology.

I hope that helps. Keep me posted.