Quick Results

Q: Hey John Paul, Take a look at this photo of Jessica Biel. That’s how I want to look by January 1st. My husband and I are heading to the Caribbean on New Year’s Day for a well-needed vacation! I’ve had a couple kids and with forty around the corner, I’m tired of looking flabby and feeling week. It’s time for a change… and I want to look good on the beach! I can get my mom to look after the kids 2 nights out of the week, and maybe 3 if it’s absolutely necessary. Do you think I can do it?

A: Everyone wants to be in super shape and look like a model or actress. They want quick results with as little investment as possible in time and effort. Unfortunately, it does not work that way! If you want accelerated results, you need accelerated demands. Instead of a mere 2-3 hours a week, you need to train (and train hard) 2-3 hours a day! Here's just one example of what it takes to experience success in short order:

Building a dream body is like building a dream house. It takes lots of time and hard work. You can't expect to construct your dream home from the bottom up if you only spend a couple hours a week at it. Furthermore, if the program design is poor, the foundation will be weak and you'll run into problems in the future. Be patient, put in the time, work hard, and you'll achieve results, but make sure you hire the right architect first or that beautiful home may eventually come crumbling down!