Q: I have followed your program Strong Healthy Shoulders which originally appeared in Testosterone Magazine back in February 2001. I had a shoulder labrum tear surgically repaired and I used your routine to both rehabilitate the shoulder and now keep both my shoulders strong and healthy. The reason I am writing is because my girlfriend recently bought me the ShoulderHorn and I have been using it. Do I need to still keep using your routine or would the ShoulderHorn now be the only exercise I would need for my external rotators?

A: The ShoulderHorn (SH) is a great tool to use, but doing just that exercise for your external rotators would be a mistake. When you use the SH, make sure to vary the resistance type (i.e., cable, dumbbell, tubing) as well as the angle of maximum overload (e.g., it can be used standing, seated, and lying, but try the SH prone on varying degrees of incline to influence the strength curve). Of course you can always alternate between bilateral and unilateral exercises on the SH. There are numerous variations that you can use with this piece of equipment, but I would still encourage you to use other exercises for the external rotators. Remember, a program (and the exercises used) is only as good as the time it takes to adapt to it.

Prone Incline Db External Rotation using the ShoulderHorn Prone Incline Db External Rotation using the ShoulderHorn